Rendering portraits is my passion, and a true portrait can display a life's journey. Capturing a person's life through an expression is my ambition, although I lacked the skill set in my younger years. Until my eleventh year, when I met a professional portrait artist: Bill Kufahl. Observing my natural ability, Kufahl decided to take me under his wing. My thirteenth year I accepted my first commission of a toddler with the deepest cobalt blue eyes. I still can recall such a deep sense of accomplishment which dawned my art career. Seven years I studied under Bill Kufahl, upon my eighteenth year I embarked into the art world with his knowledge/expertise. 


Life impacted me with hardship and depression, never pausing my inspiration to create. My despair actually  reinforced the emotional aspect of my art. Recently, my personal work is focusing on the dark side of the human mind. Instead of just rendering a complete depiction of an individual, I am combining my surrealism and my portraiture to construct metaphoric artworks to convey inner mental instability. I yearn to establish awareness on the mental crisis, and alert other's who suffer: you are not alone.  Depicting portraits is my passion, but the human mind is my muse. Even though my personal work is focusing on inner complications, however I still accept commissions of any request. We have to make a living, but we can also design a life.


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