11.5" x 22" 3.4MB Digital Copy 

Original: Charcoal and pastel on toned mat board


Nature is a language that embodies a concept of psychosis. The idea was to create an individual who has a clarity of her mental health and how the mind can affect the body. The woman is cast in the half-light and half shadow to represent the spectrum of mental health. A yin and yang effect. She is opening her third eye, also known as her mind's eye, and slowly pours water into it. The water signifies the flow of life and time. Slowly, she is morphing into a new being. I chose tree bark and tree branches to represent strength, which is needed to deal with your darkest days. The lotus was a small metaphor alluding to the rise of enlightenment. A lotus with its center hidden indicates enlightenment is beyond ordinary sight. For the only one who can conquer their battles. 

Nature Is A Language (Clarity) (Digital Copy)